Teaching History

  • Spring 2017

    CSE 2315 - 004 - Discrete Structures

    Assist Kyungseo Park. This course focuses on basic and fundamental mathematical knowledge to study area of computer science. The course covers propositional logic, predicate logic, proof technique, recursion, sets, combinatorics, basic probability, relations, functions, matrices, graphs, trees, graph algorithms, and boolean algebra.

  • 2017 2015

    CSE 3380 - Linear Algebra for Computer Science

    Assist Dr. Darin Brezeale. Solving systems of equations, matrix algebra, determinants, vector spaces, orthogonality and least squares, with applications to computer science.

  • Fall 2014

    CSE2315 - Discrete Structure

    Assist Dr. Jean Gao. This course presents materials to augment the students theoretical foundation for computer science in the subject areas of formal logic, mathematical proof techniques, sets, combinatorics, functions and relations, trees and graphs, and graph algorithms.